About Jennie Yu

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jennie Yu graduated with a BA degree in Art from Augustana University, South Dakota. 

Her current practice consists of figurative paintings and drawings that reflect human nature and emotions, especially in young children.  

"I have always found the purpose of art making is to identify and depict inner essences that are cloaked in outer forms: to make the invisible visible. For as long as I can remember, I connect to and interact with the world through my artistic explorations of variable atmospheres and emotions – whether it be conveyed through an interesting setting of still-life objects, through the different facial expressions of a person, or a distorted posture of a human figure – as they define the uniqueness of the subject matter, and confirm the reality of their existence. My artwork is and will be based on the realization and fascination with this idea."

She is currently available for commissions.